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Aims of the Journal
To publish such of those novel studies backed by scientific data where human healing outcomes have been significant, irrespective of the system of medical care used.
To use a "super peer review" system that improves upon the conventional "peer review" system that has been declared insufficient even by the courts in the US, apart from their futility in going deep into the house keeping details of the studies concerned.
The "super peer review" system uses a peerless expert track record and a secondary use of Specialists in the particular field of study under consideration to review the manuscript.
The author(s) of any study for publication should have had a good reputation in the scientific community in hisher area of expertise by having published several research papers in indexed journals in the past.
To allow even young scientists of promise to have their work published as long as they have a qualified scientist as their sponsor who vouches for the authenticity of the study.
To have an Editorial Board that is sufficiently broad based to include specialists, not only in the various medical care delivery arena but also those leaders in the hard sciences and humanities, to be able to guide the destinies of the journal and to provide the super peer review support.
To make the journal more readable for the interested public with relevant poems and annotations to highlight really novel progress made in the world of human wellness and illnesses.
To occasionally publish outstanding in vitro studies that give credence to human healing outcomes.
To evolve as we go based on the feedback we get from our users and friends.

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