19 October 2018 Welcome GuestVolume 10 No 40
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Born Again Science
Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.
Science, the word that brings goose pimples to many students in school, is only a way of telling stories about this wonderful working system of the world.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018
B.M.Hegde, C.V.Krishnaswami , B.Sampoornam, A.Ganesan , C.Ramesh, K.Deepa, S.Saroja ,A.Srivatsa, A.Shobana, V.Rajan (Late)
Energy Healing: Aiming at Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit
We are presenting the Synopsis of the innovative research work done during seven years (2011 to 2018) at TAG-VHS Diabetes Centre, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. We are also introducing through this article, perhaps for the first time in the World of Scientific Medical Journalism, a new concept of visual presentation of patient's clinical progress through internet links, so as to enhance and enrich the dynamics of case histories, and effects of therapy.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018
Issues, Inputs
Vidya Iyer
Mind Heals Body
Human systems and its capabilities are more complex and vast than what my brain can fathom. Therefore it's fair to say the medical science is limited in understanding the infinite power rested in the human body and its interactions with different aspects which constitutes a human being.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018
Richard Smith
How Medicine is Destroying Itself
We need to change the course of medicine from a battle that can never be won to a humane enterprise.Sometimes you read something that shakes you to your core. Often you are shaken because the piece expresses clearly and strongly something you've vaguely thought for yourself. It's as when the clouds clear on the top of a mountain and all is laid out before you.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018
For Sound Sleep

A sound night sleep is a must to wake up fresh the next morning and carry out the day's activities. Falling and staying asleep are not as simple as they appear to be.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018
Juices: Bitter and Sweet - For Better Life

A glassful of watermelon juice everyday can keep the headache caused by the summer heat at bay. The juice also has high cleansing effect on the kidney.
Vol.10 No.40 July 2018

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