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Education Must Make Healthy Minds, Not Just Wealthy Careers
A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.
Education, higher or lower, should have the prime goal of making healthy minds in society in addition, of course,to making comfortable careers.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Alex Hankey
Self-Organized Criticality Supports Naturopathy and Self-Healing
Occasionally scientists have insights that require recreating a whole subject area from a new perspective because the perspective turns out to be fundamental and explain phenomena that were unclear from the previous perspective.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Thomas Mathew
Quantum Healing and Ayurveda
Ayurveda is considered to be one of the most ancient treatment systems in the world.Its scientific basis is built on Sanatana Dharma, the great Indian sastra.Sanatana dharma has its scientific basis on shad darshanas.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Issues, Inputs
Forgiveness Frees Us from Disease-carrying Organisms
Life can be much better, perhaps the best, if man can reflect upon the advice of Pope Francis (b. 1936) on those aspects which many a time are overlooked. None for sure can disagree with his elucidation on family, forgiveness and baggages.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Cholesterol Update
Lowering blood fat levels is associated with higher mortality and not associated with a lower rate of heart disease. Cholesterol is produced in our liver for our good and it should not be artificially lowered.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Antioxidants: Free Radical Scavengers

Antioxidants are various beneficial compounds that check oxidation by countering the activities of free radicals. They are capable of stabilizing or deactivating free radicals before they attack cells.Hence they are aptly called free radical scavengers.
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019
Fruits, Vegetables and Look-alike Organs

It is not unusual to find fruits and vegetables bearing some resemblance to some organs in the human body. But what surprises is that the same produces have proved predominantly helpful to the organs that resemble them besides other nutritional benefits
Volume 11 No 42, Jan 2019

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